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Last projects before Christmas

December 15, 2010

My little family was able to go away for the weekend with some friends from my college days. We spent the weekend frolicking in the snow and playing lots of board games. Well…frolicking as in we went to the outlet stores and had morning coffee in the hot tub. While lounging and chatting I finished leg warmer number one- it’s the first time I’ve knit something without following a pattern and we’re looking pretty good so far! I’ll take good notes and publish a pattern once I’m done. Number two is on hold until after the holidays, as I have some (read: LOTS of) Christmas making to do.

Today, before I launched into some Christmas creativity, I whipped up some face cream. I have been using a simple mixture of aloe vera gel and vegetable glycerin which was working great- until the dry Colorado winter and central heating got to me. So, using some pointers from my go-to gal, I made a lanolin and lavender face cream that will hopefully help me recreate the dewy skin I had in South Africa. Over the past few years I have come to absolutely love making my own homemade beauty and home care products. I’d like to spread the love a little, so keep an eye out for my next few posts- I’ll be sharing some of my all-time favorites!

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