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Handmade by Grandma

December 20, 2010

So I don’t know what I was thinking, saying that I would talk about homemade home care & beauty recipes when it’s Christmas time… there is so much Christmas goodness to talk about right now! So I promise to share my recipes and tips, but only after we’ve taken advantage of all the wonderful things that this time of year affords! For example…

One of the perks of living overseas for several years is coming home and unpacking boxes of things that used to belong to you. It feels like you have a house-full of new things, but things that you are already sentimentally attached to. With each new box that we open I keep finding new treasures, and the Christmas box was no exception. One of my favorites is a tablecloth, which I was never sure if it was actually vintage or just vintage-y fabric. Seeing it brings all of my Christmas memories back- it feels like this tablecloth has been a part of Christmas since time in memoriam.

Last week my mom and grandma came over to back some Christmas cookies together, and they both gushed when they saw it on the table. My grandmother had made it in the late 1960’s and it had gradually been handed down to me. Of course I love it even more now- beautiful vintage fabric, memories of my childhood Christmases, handmade by my grandmother.



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