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Homemade Shaving Cream

January 30, 2011

As promised, I want to share a few of my favorite homemade beauty and home care recipes with you. Starting with shaving cream.

This shaving cream is what convinced me that I wanted to start making more things for myself at home and is, by far, my most favorite thing to use (not that homemade tub & tile cleaner isn’t glamorous and exciting…). Not only does it do what it’s meant to do (keep those nasty razors from being mean to my skin) but it leaves my skin more moisturized than when I started, smells delicious, is easy to make, and is far cheaper than the all natural/organic options available at the stores. I have estimated that it costs about $5.50 to make a three month supply. So, without further ado…


  • 1/2 a bar of Castille Bar Soap- grated
  • 8 oz Distilled Water or Rose Water
  • 4 oz Vegetable Glycerin
  • 2 oz Cocoa Butter
  • 15-20 drops each peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils


  • Soak the grated castille soap in the rose water (or distilled water) overnight (or for around 8 hours).
  • Melt the vegetable glycerin and cocoa butter together in a double boiler or at 50% power in the microwave.
  • Once the vegetable glycerin and cocoa butter are melted, slowly incorporate them into the water/soap mixture with an electric mixer.
  • Beat until creamy and then add the essential oils to your liking.
  • Store in an airtight container, preferably plastic, as you’ll be using it with wet hands.

Helpful & Handy Tips:

  • I buy usually by all of my supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs. They have a great selection, great prices and I respect their ethic. I tend to use Dr. Bronner’s castille bar soap, or castille soap that I have made at home.
  • To make rose water: Boil the water. Drop in a handful of rose petals. Let soak overnight. Strain out the rose petals and store refrigerated for up to one week. I’ve found that the rose water turns the finished product a little green-tinged, but it’s worth it if you want it’s skin softening and soothing properties. I tend to skip the rose water, using distilled water instead, and it still works wonderfully.
  • Different scents: When I make the peppermint/eucalyptus version I use Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castille Soap, which makes it extra peppermint-y. But, you can experiment with different combos of castille soap and essential oils for extra fun! I just made up a batch using lavender scented castille soap and lavender essential oil. If you’re looking for a more masculine scent, you could use tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils, or any combination of basil, oregano, and rosemary oils.
  • I highly recommend purchasing cocoa butter WAFERS…they’re like little, well, wafers which makes it much easier to measure out and use than the hard-as-a-brick-chip-some-out version in a jar.

I hope you enjoy making and using this as much as I do!

By the way…my husband and I are thinking of switching to a safety razor. Have you ever used one? What did you think?

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  1. Ben permalink
    February 1, 2011 9:28 pm

    Funny. My wife and I are considering the same thing!

    Here’s a bit of info on them and their history:

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