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My Very Own Garden

February 25, 2011

Burpee's 'Paradiso Mix' of Echinacea

I just finished putting in a GIGANTIC order to Burpee, and I am already a little giddy thinking about the boxes of seeds and plants that will be arriving on my doorstep. Ben and I started digging garden beds last summer and I’ve been planning and daydreaming about planting this spring since we started.

My goal is to eventually have everything we plant be edible or serve a purpose (like the marigolds that scare off certain bugs). This summer the front yard will be more aesthetic than utilitarian, but I’m hoping that someday it will be full of medicinal herbs and flowers, and look like some sort of beautiful and quaint cottage garden.

Much to my mother’s dismay (she says they’re too much trouble), I have a bunch of heirlooms on the list, and I’m excited to nurture and baby them. While I’ll be planting over forty (yikes!!) different things, I’m most excited about:

  • Rhubarb:  Hopefully I’ll be able to turn this into some yummy pies and jams.
  • Luffa Gourds:  You dry them out and turn them into the sponges you use in the shower! I know, right?!
  • Echinacea:  Mostly for looks, but maybe I’ll be adventurous enough to figure out how to use it
  • ‘Picklebush’ Cucumbers:   A picklebush! Enough said.
  • Salad Spinach: Straight from the garden to my bowl. Spinach (along with asparagus) is my favorite part of spring.
  • Butternut and Pumpkins:  I’m going to see how long into winter I can make these babies last.
  • Lavender:  I love the smell as they grow in the yard, and it will be wonderful to have a homegrown dried supply on hand for all my bath/body/home care concoctions.
  • Jerusalem Artichokes: If I can get my hands on any to plant. I’m intensely curious about this potato-esque root vegetable.
  • And, although they aren’t anything out of the ordinary, home grown Tomatoes are incomparable.

So, let’s hope I’ll get some of this stuff to actually grow! It feels a little ambitious. I’m really excited to watch the backyard come alive and to share some of the journey with you. Want to come over for a picnic in August?

Are you planting anything this summer?

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  1. February 26, 2011 8:44 pm

    Fun! I’m excited for you!
    I received an incredible seed catalog in the mail just yesterday and I’m planning, too!

  2. Soraya Allies permalink
    March 1, 2011 3:45 am

    I’d love to come over for a picnic in August 🙂

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