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Jersey Circle Scarf Tutorial

March 20, 2011

Perhaps ‘tutorial’ is a strong word for this post, as the project itself is so ridiculously simple that it almost doesn’t necessitate any explanation. However, I did have to remake it once, so I thought I’d share the idea and process with all you lovely readers!

You’ll just need one yard of jersey, plus all the trappings of sewing (thread, scissors, machine…unless you want to hand stitch).

(1) Cut the jersey in half*, parallel to the selvage edge (also trim the selvage off each side if it looks like it’s been treated with any anti-fraying product-if you don’t the edges won’t curl up as much later, see step 5).

(2) Sew the two pieces together (right sides together).

(3) Head to your mirror with a few sewing pins or safety pins. Pin the ends together and experiment with different lengths. Do you want to be able to wrap it around your neck three time? Do you want to wear it long and unwrapped? How bulky/draped do you want it? Decide on this and pin into place.

(4) Now sew your two ends together at your pre-determined length (right sides together). Remember to allow a little extra length (about 1/2″) for your seam and washing/drying, which may cause the fabric to shrink up.

(5) Trim your seams and toss it into the wash and a hot dryer. The washing/drying will cause the edges to curl up in that lovely way that jersey curls.

(6) Voila! Now parade around, proudly wearing something you’ve made by hand!

I found this jersey on super-sale for 97 cents a yard, making this the cheapest project I’ve ever sewn up. I would really like to sew up a few more in striped or patterned jersey, maybe in lighter colors for Spring.

Let me know if you make one, if you did any fun modifications and send me a pic- I’d love to see!

*The first time I made this I simply sewed the two end of jersey together (without cutting it in half), but I found that the scarf was a little too bulky for my liking- but you might love it!

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