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Shiny, Happy, Sustainable Rubber Gloves

July 22, 2011

So, we’ve been married for six and a half years now, and not one of the five places we’ve lived together has had a dishwasher.  Not one.  Which means we have washed many loads of dishes by hand.   M.a.n.y.  Which also means that I’ve spent a decent portion of my life wearing rubber gloves. I’ve had many a non-handwasher scoff at my gloves, but let me tell you people, they are essential. They protect my hands from the high temperature of hot water, help to keep the skin/cuticles in better shape, protect the many knicks and cuts I get out in the garden, and, most importantly, keep that gross, dirty, moldy, kitchen smell off my hands.

Last year when we moved back to the States, I picked up a pair of Casabella rubber gloves at my local Whole Foods. They seemed pretty sturdy, and I’d been going through gloves like crazy, so I thought they were worth a try. They were worth every penny.

#1- I’ve had them for a year. A YEAR, people! And they’re still going strong. They usually get used three times a day and have well outlasted any other pair of rubber gloves I’ve had (which usually make it about a month before one of them gets a hole).

#2- They are a bit longer than all the other rubber gloves I’ve had, which prevents water from getting on my arm and then rolling down into the glove, thus making the gross, dirty, moldy, kitchen smell a permanent part of the inside of my gloves. These avoid that entirely, for which I am entirely grateful.

Since we are living on a tight budget and love to live as sustainably as possible, I really appreciate products that are well made. I think I tend to feel disrespected and taken advantage of when I buy a product that was obviously made poorly. So thank you Casabella, for making me happy about my purchase, for supplying a product that is worth my money, and for making each one of those sink-fulls of dishes a little bit more happy.

Do you have any great products like this that you would recommend? Please leave a comment and share!

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  1. July 23, 2011 2:11 pm

    oh my gosh, I love rubber gloves! I’ll have to buy these next time. I just reached the end of my rope with the cheap ones that broke after about a month, and I decided to get the next step up. But you’ve sold me on these!

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