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Christmas Packages

December 22, 2011

Since this year has been really tight financially among almost all of our family,  it was decided that we wouldn’t be exchanging gifts. Which I really like. As much as I love making things and wrapping presents, it gives us the much needed time and space to really enjoy the things (perhaps even THE thing) that Christmas is really about. But at the same time, I still couldn’t bear the thought of my baby sister being far from home and having nothing to open, so I put together some tiny little Christmas packages and shipped them out. If your last name is Nixon or Foremski  and you live in California you probably shouldn’t read any further…just sayin’.

My husband and I made some felted ornaments, and I shared some of the Lavender Oatmeal soap I recently made.

Some of the boxes included spices I grew and harvested from our garden this summer, including loose leaf peppermint tea.

I hopped onto Pinterest and found tons of fun, printable gift tags and holiday cards.

Is your family exchanging gifts this year? Do you celebrate any traditions that make the season more meaningful?

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