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Birthday = Shop Sale!

January 24, 2012

Hello friends! Today is my birthday! The above is a lovely handmade gift I received from a dear friend (which she handpicked from my ravelry ‘favorites‘, by the way). My sister-in-law (who is also an avid knitter) and I were recently talking about how we are starting to get pretty selective about who gets a hand-knitted gift from us, as a lot of people don’t understand or appreciate the amount of time and effort it takes to create something. A smile and an ‘Oh, this is nice’ as they toss it into the back of their closet is just heartbreaking. But, someone who understands the true gift of hours spent picking out a pattern, purchasing yarn and stitch after stitch after stitch of knitting (or sewing…or brushstrokes of painting…) opens up a handmade gift and might be momentarily overcome by how kind and thoughtful this gift truly is. So, I really appreciate it when I receive such a gift- to know what it means to make one for someone else and then to have someone do that for me- I’m momentarily overcome.

And, because joy isn’t complete unless it is shared, I’m offering a 10% discount in my shop today to celebrate my birthday! So head on over, and type in BIRTHDAY10 as a coupon code to treat yourself and share my joy! Happy Birthday!

Have you ever received a handmade gift which you truly appreciated? Has anyone ever had a great reaction when they opened a gift you made for them?

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