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Estes Park Wool Market

June 13, 2012

This past weekend my parents treated us to a camping trip in Estes Park, CO. Well, glamor camping, as we were staying in a cabin- but it didn’t have running water or electricity, so we were still kind of roughing it. We’d picked the dates months ago, and then as the weekend approached I realized we’d be up there at the same time the Estes Park Wool Market was happening. I’ve been wanting to go to the Market for years, but I’ve never been in town and able to go, so I was excited to realize that not only would I be in town, but I would be in Estes Park.

The Market was fun, but nothing spectacular. We got to meet all of the animals I’ve been turning into sweaters the past several years (sheep are talkative and seriously loud, by the way), and there was a tent/barn full of vendors. It seemed like there were a lot more vendors selling spinning supplies and roving than selling finished yarn, but there was still plenty to choose from. My husband and I walked the floor three times before we made our final decisions. I suppose I was expecting more of a festival atmosphere and I was kind of bummed to feel more like I was at a 4H show than the biggest knitting party in North America. I think I only saw two other people wearing items they’d obviously knit themselves (I was proudly wearing my most recent linen/cotton project, thankyouverymuch). Maybe I had built it up in my mind too much, since I’d wanted to go for so long, or maybe I should just start saving up for Rhinebeck?

Here are shots of some of the friends we made:

love the beard.


alpaca: a cross between a camel and a poodle

these goats were itty-bitty and super soft. if only they made great milk too…

and a sneak peek of what I knit to wear (I’ll hopefully post about it later this week).

I left with a huge skein (490 yards) of a beautiful bright pink, DK,  cotton/bamboo blend by Textiles A Mano and three skeins of a light blue cotton/cashmere blend from Bijou Basin Ranch (hopefully to be turned into a tank before summer’s end). My husband also picked up a yak/bamboo blend from Bijou Basin so can make him a hat this winter- an awesome grey/brown/black variegated yarn.

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  1. June 13, 2012 8:51 am

    Well, I’d love seeing those wool bearers, for sure! I’m glad you got to go, Alicia!
    I’m knitting a mouse.

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