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I love making things with my hands that are both useful and beautiful. I believe it’s important to connect with the world around us- people, nature, God- in a meaningful way, in which all are honored and loved. I believe a big part of this is living more simply- making more time for people, using resources wisely, and allowing our hearts & minds the space to first embrace, and then share, the love God offers. For me, there is a big connection between my hands, my heart and my soul. I find a lot of joy in sharing skills and ideas with others, and I become a little giddy when I am part of helping someone else pursue simplicity.

But this all makes me sound so serious, so let’s also add in lots of laughing and lightheartedness and admit to the fact that I regularly sew my tablecloth to whatever I happen to be making on my sewing machine at the time.

“…I promised myself I’d come up with…something that would allow me to slow down,

use my hands, and become more engaged with the world around me in a meaningful way.”

-Mark Frauenfelder, in ‘Made By Hand’

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